How about a drink by the pool?

Los Cabos Golf Resort is a sybaritic wonderland designed for indulgent pleasures. The aquatic sanctuary showcases eight alluring pools, each with its own distinct personality and atmosphere.

The moods and rhythms of the pools change by the hour under the influence of the shifting arc of the Baja sun—breathtakingly serene at sunrise, glistening at high noon and a magical canvas of color as the day bows to evening.

Situated at the center of the resort with stunning views, the resort’s pools have become synonymous with the Los Cabos Golf Resort experience. The smooth, winding curves of the expansive pool add to the serene atmosphere, where you can relax in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

A swim-up bar and the adjacent restaurant provide delicious refreshments and meals throughout the day.

Perfect for children, yet designed for adults, the pool provides picturesque views of the sea and a refreshing swim-up bar.

What's included?

Swim-up bar with one of a kind drinks and orders
Iconic views and relaxing enviroment
Adjacent bar with delicious meals prepared 'Baja Style'
Dear Owners

In these difficult times for all of us, we hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Recent surveys done by the tourist industry indicate that small boutique resorts are now the preference of vacationers. As you know, we certainly fit in that category. Our Resort does not have crowded elevators or long narrow hallways where guests are in close contact with each other, and our restaurant is an open-air service where no recycling of air or cooling is needed. Our pathways are wide and there are open spaces to move throughout the Resort.  We offer exactly what today’s vacationer wants. You can be sure that you can have fun here and enjoy yourself while being safe.

Here in Cabo we have been fortunate to have a very small number of cases of the COVID 19 virus. This past Monday we had a general meeting with all our employees, and it was encouraging to learn that none of them or their families have been infected with the virus. We also asked if they knew anyone else that had the virus. Only 2 of our staff knew of someone, and they both told us that they had not had any contact with them. That is good news for all of us. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing you with the safest experience we can.

The Mexican Government has put in place a series of rules and procedures for businesses to be able to reopen the doors and receive guests, and our Hotel Association has enhanced those rules to fit the hospitality business. Our staff will continue to be as friendly and happy as before, but they will have less direct contact with you and your guests. The rules and procedures are extensive, but I will just list a few as examples. The temperature of all of our staff is being taken at check in, special trays at the entrance of the workplace are placed so shoes can be sanitized, our transport bus is cleaned and sanitized after each route, we provide gloves and masks for all, alcohol gel is placed throughout the Resort in all common areas, and maids will only clean your room when it is empty.

Our State and Municipal governments also want to ensure that Cabo is in the most sanitary condition possible. Sanitary measures are also being implemented at the airport, and with the related services providers such as transportation, gift shops and restaurants. Our Governor wants to make sure that Baja Sur provides the safest environment possible and has postponed the original reopening date of June 1st. A new definite date has not been set yet, however the indications are that is could be as soon as June 15.  We will certainly advise you as soon as we know the date.

You personally will also be required to observe new procedures before entering the Resort, just the same as the employee. All persons checking in will need to have their temperature taken at reception upon arrival, shoe cleaning trays will be placed in the lobby for you to disinfect your shoes., the floor will be marked for distancing, and your luggage will be wiped down with approved sanitation solution. You will also find that there will be a seal on the entrance door to your unit that indicates that your room has been sanitized. If the seal is broken, you should not enter and let the front desk know at once. Our commitment is to make sure that our employees and our Resort guests have a safe and healthy environment for you to enjoy you vacation to the fullest.We are working with our staff on training as well as implementing all the sanitary requirements procedures in order for us to achieve a new Certification of “Clean Spot”. This includes providing all our staff with the necessary procedures, equipment and materials to achieve this Certification. A special operations COVID 19 manual has been created and is being printed with all the procedures our staff will have to follow. Each employee will be provided with the manual and will be tested on their particular area to be allowed to work at the Resort.

The golf course will also implement a series of procedures for the Pro Shop, cart usage, tee time distancing and putting green procedures. As soon as they provide them to us, we will also post them on this site.

We know some of you are anxious to come back soon to your home away from home, unfortunately our State government has not yet issued a definite date for the Hotel & Resort industry to reopen, we think it will be sometime before the end of June, we will let you know as soon as we get the green flag!!

If you have any questions please contact Carla, my assistant, at [email protected]

We hope to see you soon at your home away from home for another fun filled and safe vacation.

Thank you

Raul Lopez


Los Cabos Golf Resort management
Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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